Revitalizing Sacred Earth


Our Goal Is To Heal The Planet One Person At A Time

Our purpose is to raise the frequency of the planet and empower everyone to live up to their highest potential. We are doing this through creating conscious businesses that center on wellness products, education, and offer global solutions to the critical situation we all are facing.

Currently, we have an online platform that informs users about alternative ideas relating to overall health care, drug usage, and managing pain. Our focus is on natural remedies and plant medicines that can bring relief, and become part of a lifestyle that supports the individual, as well as our sacred Mother Earth. Like Socrates said, “let food be thy medicine”…

Our long-term goal is to use these resources to create wellness centers—a global network of magnetic outposts where we educate people in many areas including eastern philosophy, energy healing, quantum physics, nutrition, detoxification and many other things. These centers will be a place of love and tranquility which will support accelerated healing, and create emissaries who will spread the positive vibration.

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Global Wellness Centers

Imagine a place where one could go to with any illness -heal themselves – then go home and drastically improve their lives while sharing the gift of wellness with family and friends.

The Ripple Effect

This community will create a ripple effect all over the planet.


Our alumni will be empowered to change and raise the frequency of the lives they come into contact with from fear and anger to a joyous appreciation of life and our planet.

Healing the planet one person at a time through self-empowerment, wellness and a renewed appreciation for life and our planet.

our projects

How Our Wellness Centers Will Positively Impact The Local Communities We Chose To Set Up In

Image: Rows of Green Leafed Plants | Cutting Edge Agricultural Solutions by Revitalizing Sacred Earth
We will help subsidize this initiative through our cutting-edge agricultural solutions, growing food properly for our centers and the communities that surround them.
Image: Tree of Life with Sun in Background. Local Natural Plant Based Medicine Program
We will expand our natural medicine program to encompass the local environment, and then offer these unique natural medicinal products to our global platform.
Image: Photos of workers on break. Revitalize earth will help local economies by hiring local workers.

These Local Initiatives will create jobs for local residents helping the economies we work in, create major tax revenues for governments, all while subsidizing their health care costs.

At Revitalizing Sacred Earth, we help people understand what ails them, and present solutions - if they are willing to make the necessary life changes.

Donate Below

As healers, we work with Prana energy, and plants that support each unique healing profile… even cancer can be healed using detoxification and nutrification.

The donations we receive here will help expedite this process and make a larger impact on those around us. As with many of the issues our planet faces, this is an immediate solution. We appreciate your abundance and will make sure we use it with integrity and responsibility.

Thank you again for your time and contribution, below are some topics we have put together to empower you.

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