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Perspective Creates Reality

On this page we will share some of our world view that shapes our understanding and actions in our mission and vision. This world view is ancient and new. We live in an age where spirituality and science merge to create an even deeper experience of existence. If you share these values and share our mission, please contact us.

At the core of a harmonious existence lies the commitment to doing what is right for all beings, creating scenarios where everyone wins – a triad of prosperity that nourishes the individual, the community, and the world. This ethos is deeply intertwined with the practice of deep listening and dwelling fully in the heart space, where empathy and understanding flourish. By striving to do our best, we acknowledge that growth is an endless journey, a path paved with continuous improvement and perpetual learning.

Aligning ourselves with like-minded individuals who share our vision amplifies our collective ability to enact positive change. This synergy allows us to create balance and beauty in every space we inhabit, turning everyday environments into sanctuaries of peace and harmony. It’s about honoring the unique gifts and cultural riches each person brings to the table and weaving them into a vibrant tapestry that celebrates diversity and fosters unity.

Creating from a foundation of goodness, beauty, and truth enables us to manifest realities that reflect these values, casting ripples of positive transformation across our world. This approach acknowledges a profound truth: we are already in heaven, here and now, if only we remember to live by these principles and recognize the paradise that unfolds before us when we do.

Embracing everyone where they are, extending a hand of support and guidance, we can patiently elevate others to their highest potential. This form of actionable prayer – not just words but deeds infused with intention and love – embodies the essence of our collective journey towards a better world. It’s a call to live consciously, act compassionately, and foster an environment where every soul can flourish in its unique brilliance, co-creating a reality grounded in the highest ideals of humanity.

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Vibrational Energy: The Essence of Being

In the intricate dance of existence, science unveils a profound truth: everything is energy. From the stoic rock to the bustling city, all matter pulsates with life at the quantum level, differing only in the vibrational speed of its energy.

Consider water: its transformative states from liquid to ice, to steam, illustrate the power of energy in motion. Steam, with its elevated energy state, can propel a locomotive. This metaphor extends to us, suggesting that by elevating our vibrational energy, we unlock immense potential.

Our daily choices, from thoughts to diet, from speech to actions, shape our vibrational frequency. Across diverse spiritual traditions, tales of miracles by deities or saints often reflect individuals existing at heightened vibrational states. Stripping away religious specifics reveals a universal belief: we are created in a divine image, imbued with the power to create. Our focus, be it on the uplifting or the mundane, dictates the vibrancy of our existence.

In “Power vs. Force,” Dr. David Hawkins introduces the fascinating realm of kinesiology, the science of muscle testing, as a window into our inherent knowledge of what uplifts or degrades us. Through rigorous experimentation, he discovered the body’s subtle response to different energies, revealing our deep connection to the world’s vibrational frequencies. Dr. Hawkins developed a scale of consciousness, ranging from 0 to 1000, to map these frequencies. Figures like Christ embody the zenith at 1000, while historical negatives like Hitler resonate at 147. Surprisingly, the average person vibrates at 207, but through intentional living, we can elevate our vibrational state, enhancing our life experiences across health, wealth, and happiness.

Elevating Your Vibration: Mindfulness, Meditation, and Prayer

To elevate your vibration, begin with mindfulness. Pay attention to your thoughts, selecting those that nourish happiness and discarding the negative. Like training a muscle, this mental discipline grows stronger with practice, gradually enhancing your overall well-being. Diet plays a critical role in vibrational health. Consuming wholesome foods enriches our energy reserves, allowing our bodies to focus on vitality rather than detoxification. Conversely, synthetic drugs and alcohol dampen our vibrational state, hindering our potential for elevation.

Embracing quietude and focused breathing, whether through meditation or prayer, invites chi, the life force present in various cultures, into our being. This practice not only raises our vibration but also aligns us with a universal energy harnessed in healing modalities like Reiki. My own journey with this energy began with helping a loved one, leading to personal revelations about its tangible effects. Central to vibrational elevation is living from the heart. Dr. Hawkins posits that this alone positions us at a significant 500 on his scale of consciousness, transforming our life’s circumstances. Yet, without a shift in focus towards positive creation, elevation alone may not steer us away from challenges. My experience underscored this, as initial vibrational enhancements brought more issues to the forefront, illustrating the need for a shift in mindset alongside vibrational work.

Embrace Your Creative Essence

Our journey here is to embrace our role as creators, finding joy and purpose in the fabric of life. Echoing the wisdom of Christ, “the kingdom of heaven is within you” (Luke 17:21), we are reminded of the simplicity in following our intuition and heart. This path, illuminated by our inner guidance, leads to remarkable transformations and a deeper connection with the vibrational essence of existence. Engage with this energy, and watch as your world unfolds in alignment with your highest potential.

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Unlock The Power of Your Subconscious Mind

The subconscious mind is a remarkable tool, capable of transforming our lives by rewriting detrimental habits, fostering positive behaviors, and eradicating harmful patterns. It serves as a vault, storing vast amounts of information that remain vivid and accessible, even decades later. However, its tenacity in holding onto “programs” can pose challenges when we aim to alter ingrained beliefs or behaviors.

Our foundational beliefs are largely set during our early years, from age 1 to 7, when our brains are most receptive. During this period, our minds operate in an alpha state, conducive to deep programming. This state is also achieved during activities like watching television, making us highly susceptible to influence. These early programs dictate the boundaries of what we believe we can achieve, often limiting our potential based on past conditioning.

Growing up with certain beliefs, such as the necessity of hard labor for financial gain or the inevitability of poor health, creates subconscious blueprints that shape our reality. These blueprints can be challenging to surpass, but changing them is possible through deliberate efforts to reprogram the subconscious mind.

Accessing and altering the subconscious can be achieved in several ways. Hypnosis and listening to affirmations are powerful methods, capable of influencing thought patterns and life experiences. Repetition, through mantras or writing, embeds new beliefs into our subconscious. Additionally, visualization techniques, especially those practiced before sleep, allow us to craft and immerse ourselves in desired realities until they manifest.

Embrace Thoughtful Awareness: The Journey of Transformation

The essence of altering our life’s trajectory lies in mindful attention to our thoughts. Throughout each day, we entertain thousands of thoughts, each carrying the potential to shape our future. The thoughts we energize can manifest into reality, for better or worse. By consciously choosing positive, constructive thoughts, we can navigate life’s challenges more effectively and manifest our desired outcomes.

Reprogramming the subconscious may seem daunting at first, but with practice, selecting beneficial thoughts becomes second nature, profoundly impacting our daily experiences and long-term achievements. By maintaining focus on our visions and employing strategies like hypnosis, repetition, and visualization, we unlock the power to reshape our realities. Embrace this journey with patience and persistence, and watch as the world aligns with your highest aspirations. 

The Intersection of Quantum Physics and Conscious Creation

Quantum physics offers a revolutionary perspective on the fabric of reality, bridging the gap between the seen and the unseen, and empowering us to design our lives with intention rather than drift through existence by default. This scientific discipline peels back the layers of the universe to reveal that at its core, everything is interconnected energy, from the vastness of galaxies to the minutiae of our thoughts.

At the heart of quantum physics lies the understanding that everything in the universe, including our bodies, is composed of energy. This energy manifests as cells, molecules, atoms, and ultimately, subatomic particles like electrons. What differentiates objects and beings is not their essence but the arrangement and velocity of these particles. Remarkably, quantum theory posits that subatomic particles exist in a state of potential until observed, suggesting that reality is shaped by consciousness.

Quantum physics unveils a universe vibrant and teeming with potential, where even inanimate objects like rocks pulse with quantum life. This foundational concept—that all matter shares a common, energetic root – challenges our perception of reality. Scientific experiments, such as those illustrating the observer effect, reveal that the physical world requires a perceiver to manifest into form. This notion, as bewildering as it may sound, underscores the participatory nature of reality, inviting us to consciously engage with the world around us.

Science and Spirituality: A Converging Truth

Both science and spiritual traditions herald the incredible potential of human consciousness. Echoing the teachings of various religions, quantum physics supports the idea that we are powerful creators of our reality. The profound statement by Christ, “Even the least among you can do all that I have done, and greater things,” mirrors the limitless potential for miracles that quantum physics suggests lies within our grasp. These miraculous feats, from walking on water to healing the sick, though extraordinary, align with the quantum understanding that our beliefs and observations can significantly impact our reality.

The stories of miraculous human achievements, such as a mother lifting a car to save her child, exemplify the boundless capabilities that arise when we transcend our perceived limitations. Quantum physics encourages a paradigm shift in how we view ourselves and our interaction with the universe. By recognizing our inherent power to influence the material world through our consciousness, we open the door to unprecedented personal transformation.

Shifting Perception to Change Reality

Quantum physics not only offers insights into the mechanics of the cosmos but also serves as a metaphysical guide for personal growth. By changing how we perceive ourselves and the world, we can indeed alter our experiences and reality. This dynamic interplay between belief and observation suggests that our lives are not fixed tracks but fluid paths shaped by our intentions and awareness.

In embracing the principles of quantum physics, we are invited to explore a world where miracles are not exceptions but natural outcomes of consciously applied belief and perception. As we align our thoughts with the positive, constructive frequencies of the universe, we unlock the potential to manifest a reality brimming with possibilities, reshaping our lives and the world in the process.

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Harnessing Your Inner Voice to Shape Your Reality

The dialogue within our minds orchestrates the reality we inhabit. Our mental narratives, sculpted by past encounters, the energy we devote to our thoughts, and even the media we consume, construct the framework of our everyday experiences. Consider your thoughts as a form of currency. Where are you investing this precious resource? It’s a common observation that many of us funnel our mental wealth into the very aspects of life we wish to avoid, be it health woes or financial strains. If undeniable evidence were presented that our thoughts indeed sculpt our external world, wouldn’t you feel compelled to transform your internal monologue?

My personal journey of self-refinement over half a decade has taught me the value of tuning my inner dialogue to a more constructive frequency. Altering entrenched thought patterns is no overnight feat, yet even a brief commitment to this change can uplift your spirits. By consciously substituting negative thoughts with their positive antitheses – a technique Dr. Robert Anthony aptly named the “flip switch” – you can gradually weed out the pessimism that clouds your mind, cultivating a garden of optimism. This simple, yet profound, practice can usher in noticeable improvements in your life’s quality within weeks.

The impact of our words extends far beyond mere communication – they possess the power to shape our reality and influence those around us, often more than we realize. This holds especially true in how we speak to and about our loved ones. The art of positive speech, an essential component of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), encourages the intentional choice of words that align with our desires. For instance, reframing requests from “don’t forget to” to “please remember to” not only fosters a positive outlook but also embeds our desires more effectively into our subconscious. Words are not merely tools of expression but carriers of vibrational energy. The choice between uplifting language and derogatory speech can have profound implications, even at the molecular level.

The Science of Words and Water: Reflect on the Possibilities

The research of Dr. Masaru Emoto, a Japanese scientist, illuminates the profound influence of words on the molecular structure of water. By exposing water to various stimuli, including words of love or hate, and then flash-freezing it, Dr. Emoto observed that positive words formed beautiful, snowflake-like patterns, whereas negative words resulted in disordered, blob-like formations. Considering the human body’s significant water composition, particularly in the brain and heart, the implications of Emoto’s findings are staggering.

Contemplate the potential that our internal and external dialogues have on our physical and emotional well-being. Could it be that the words we choose, resonating within and around us, manifest in our health and happiness? This perspective invites us to meticulously curate our thoughts and words, recognizing them as tools for sculpting a fulfilling and successful life.

In conclusion, the journey toward a positive reality begins within, guided by the silent conversations we have with ourselves and the words we share with the world. By choosing our verbal and mental dialogues wisely, we can not only enhance our own well-being but also positively influence the environment and people around us. Let us commit to programming ourselves for success through the mindful use of language, transforming our inner speech into a catalyst for health, happiness, and prosperity.

Revolutionize Your Health with Holistic Nutrition

Understanding the profound impact nutrition has on our health can be transformative. The human body is an exquisite mechanism, designed to thrive when nourished with the full spectrum of nutrients it requires. However, modern agricultural practices have led to a significant reduction in the nutritional value of our food. Many farmers replenish the soil with only a fraction of the essential nutrients and minerals, neglecting the comprehensive nourishment our bodies crave.

Dr. Wallach’s Groundbreaking Discoveries

Dr. Wallach’s global research into longevity and soil quality unveils a direct link between the health of the soil and the health of the people. His studies have shown that regions where the soil is rich in a wide array of minerals correspond with populations enjoying longer, healthier lives. Conversely, areas with nutrient-deficient soil often have higher incidences of disease and shorter life spans. This correlation highlights the critical role of trace minerals and nutrients in our overall well-being.

In 1978, the Chinese government tasked Dr. Wallach with investigating the cause of cystic fibrosis, which led to the untimely deaths of 1,700 children in a single year. His autopsies revealed a common denominator: a deficiency in selenium. The subsequent mandate for selenium supplementation eradicated new cases of cystic fibrosis, showcasing the power of addressing nutrient deficiencies.

This revelation stands in stark contrast to the ongoing struggles in places like the USA, where knowledge gaps and outdated practices continue to result in preventable diseases. Dr. Wallach’s work underscores the potential of nutrition to not only heal but also prevent illness.

Embracing Nutrition: Spiritual and Physical Well-being and Taking Control of Your Health

Despite the critical importance of nutrition for health, it remains underemphasized in medical education, overshadowed by a focus on pharmaceutical interventions. This imbalance contributes to a healthcare system that often overlooks the root causes of disease.

From a holistic perspective, the food we consume does more than fuel our bodies; it shapes our very being. The nutrients we ingest are the building blocks for our cells, influencing our physical health, emotional balance, and spiritual vitality. In this light, choosing nutrient-dense foods becomes an act of self-respect and a commitment to our highest well-being.

We hold the power to transform our health and slow the aging process through mindful nutrition. By prioritizing foods rich in essential vitamins and minerals, we can reclaim our health, vitality, and longevity. Let’s embrace the wisdom of holistic nutrition and embark on a journey to a more vibrant, nourished life.

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Reflections on Healing: A Journey Within

My friend, we hope you have enjoyed these topics. To close, we want to share with you a heart full of hope, trusting that these words will reach you however you can best use them. The insights we share are born from a deep conviction in their truth and we invite you to consider them fully and consult your innermost self for resonance.

Disease, we’ve come to understand, begins on an energetic level before manifesting physically. The technique of Kirlian photography demonstrates clearly how the quality and strength of the energy body of any life form is directly related to its physical wellbeing. It also shows that a lifeforms energetic form is the precursor to the physical form.  Our bodies are not just biological machines; they are fields of energy, constantly in dialogue with us. Discomfort or pain is the body’s signal, urging us to pay attention to deeper imbalances.

Our mind patterns play a pivotal role in shaping our wellbeing. The brain’s chemistry, influenced by our thoughts, releases chemicals that affect our body’s state – alkaline for positive thoughts and acidic for negative ones. Imagine, if you will, cancer as a fungus thriving in acidic conditions. Our mental state, akin to the pH balance in a pool, can either foster or hinder such conditions. This parallel extends to our diet, often acidic, which, combined with our mental state, can create an ideal environment for illness.

Our thoughts not only influence our immediate health but also have the power to activate or deactivate genes. This field of epigenetics reveals the profound impact of belief and perception on our physical being. Dr. Bruce Lipton’s “The Biology of Belief” delves deep into this subject, offering evidence of the body’s remarkable adaptability to belief.

The concept of Chi, or life-force energy, presents another dimension of healing. Recognized across cultures (Praná in Hindi), this energy animates all living things. Our personal exploration into practices akin to Reiki illustrate tangible benefits of channeling this vital energy. Over time, it is observe to have the potential to rejuvenate and even heal.

Meditation, Prayer, and the Energetic State of Water: Elevating Your Vibration

Our bodies, primarily composed of water, resonate with the energy we cultivate through our thoughts and emotions. The state of water—from solid ice to powerful steam—serves as a metaphor for our vibrational state. Meditation and prayer are practices that enhance our capacity to absorb life-force energy, maintaining our health and vitality.

To enhance your well-being, I encourage mindfulness of your thoughts. Cultivate a habit of replacing negative thoughts with positive affirmations. This practice, although requiring effort initially, becomes a transformative habit that can significantly improve your life quality.

In sharing these thoughts, my aim is not to overwhelm but to inspire. By embracing a few changes, healing is within reach. I’ve witnessed remarkable transformations, including a dear friend who overcame leukemia by maintaining an alkaline environment in his body.

With love and hope for your expansive journey.

As healers, we work with Prana energy, and plants that support each unique healing profile… even cancer can be healed using detoxification and nutrification.

The donations we receive here will help expedite this process and make a larger impact on those around us. As with many of the issues our planet faces, this is an immediate solution. We appreciate your abundance and will make sure we use it with integrity and responsibility.

Thank you again for your time and contribution, below are some topics we have put together to empower you.

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